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Funeral and Cremation Services in NYC

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Different people choose to be honored in different ways. At Century Direct, Inc. we provide you with a variety of options to honor and remember your loved one, no matter what their wishes were. We understand that some people wish to be cremated instead of buried in a cemetery or may wish for no service at all. That’s why, in addition to chapel and graveside services, we offer direct cremation services and direct burials. Contact us for more details about our affordable cremation services and our selection of affordable urns.

Depending on your loved one’s preference, you may receive their remains in a plain container that we provide or purchase an urn from our large selection. You may also choose to bury the ashes or scatter them in a special location.

Direct Burial

This type of burial is only done if there are no funeral services planned. The deceased is taken directly to the burial site for immediate burial without any special service.

Funeral and Cremation Services NYC

Shipping – International and Domestic

Century Direct, Inc. provides you with the option of transporting your loved one’s body overseas or to another location in the United States. This is often done if the deceased wished to be buried next to family members that have passed before them but are not in NY. We will handle all of these arrangements for you.

Service Area

Our firm covers all types of funeral service and specializes in direct cremation services, cremation with witnessing,
direct burials, graveside services. Serving the following areas.

New York City

Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island

New York State

Westchester County, Rockland County,
Orange County

Long Island New York

Nassau County, Suffolk County

Funeral Services 

We can also provide chapel services to help give your family closure. If you wish not to include a funeral service, we offer graveside services. Shipping of Remains: domestic and international for burial or cremation services back home.

Contact us today at (800) 682-3372 with questions about our Cremation, Funeral and graveside services.