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Funeral home in New York

Please call for complete pricing on Direct Burial since the cemetery fees vary depending on where chosen.


For Direct Burials:

We charge $2985.00 which includes the following: 

-Pick up a loved one from a Hospital or Nursing Home with Refrigeration or County Morgue.

-Dressing in the loved one’s clothes is an extra $395.00

-Home pick up and cold storage is extra – please call for pricing.

-One of our metal caskets of our choice

– Burial Permit

-We give 1 death Certificate

-Transportation of your loved one in our Van to your cemetery plot within 50 miles M-F 9 am – 4 pm

For all other options such as overweight, different caskets, etc….
Please call us 800-682-3372. We will be happy to work with you & “your” budget.

Funeral Services 

We can also provide chapel services to help give your family closure. If you wish not to include a funeral service, we offer graveside services. Shipping of Remains: domestic and international for burial or cremation services back home.

Contact us today at (800) 682-3372 with questions about our Cremation, Funeral and graveside services.